Membership Tiers & Benefits

HK$1 = 1 Point

Earn 1 Bimbo point for every HK$1 spent. The Club membership is divided into 3 tiers: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each tier offers its own unique privileges.


  • Welcome! Get $50 Voucher upon new sign up
  • Redeem Gifts and Cash Vouchers using your points
  • Purchase $3,000 or above in 2 months to be upgraded to Silver


  • Redeem Gifts and Cash Vouchers using your points
  • Birthday Gift for Children
  • 5% Annual Discount (Online and In-store)
  • Purchase $5,000 or above in 4 months to be upgraded to Gold


  • Redeem Gifts and Cash Vouchers using your points
  • Birthday Gift for Children
  • 10% Annual Discount (Online and In-store)

Reward Redemption

15+ Rewards* are Waiting for You!

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*All gifts are available while stock lasts. Gift cannot be refunded, exchanged, or exchanged for cash. Please enquire staff for gift redemption details. In case of disputes, Bimbo Concept reserves the right of final decision.

Teddy Bear
5,000 Points
Whale Whistle
1,500 Points
Fire Truck
2,000 Points
Delivery Truck
2,000 Points
2,000 Points
DIY Stegosaurs 
3,000 Points
DIY Pterodactyl 
3,000 Points
DIY Tyrannosaurus 
3,000 Points
Fish & Chips Supper 
3,000 Points
Barcelona Puzzle
6,000 Points
New York Puzzle
6,000 Points
Favourite Cup 
3,000 Points
Breakfast Dinner Lunch Bowl Set
7,000 Points
Lollipop Cushion
8,000 Points
HK$20 Cash Voucher
2,000 Points
HK$30 Cash Voucher
3,000 Points
HK$50 Cash Voucher
5,000 Points
HK$100 Cash Voucher
10,000 Points
Bimbo Concept Playroom Pass 
5,000 Points
Bimbo Concept Playroom Regular Class
9,000 Points

Membership FAQs

How do I become a member of the Bimbo Concept Membership?
  1. Visit the Bimbo Concept website or in-store
  2. Provide your basic contact information to create your account
  3. Start earning points on your purchases right away - there's no minimum spend required to join!
What can I do with the points I earn?

You can redeem your Bimbo points for a variety of rewards, including:

  • Exclusive Bimbo products
  • Cash vouchers
  • Special experiences and surprises
How long do my points last?

Your Bimbo points will expire 1 year from the date they were earned. To keep your points active, simply continue earning new points through your purchases.

What are the different membership tiers?

Bimbo Concept Membership Program has 3 tiers:

  • Bronze: Welcome gift, basic redemption options
  • Silver: 5% annual discount, birthday gift, enhanced redemption
  • Gold: 10% annual discount, exclusive benefits and surprises
How do I move up to a higher membership tier?

To upgrade your membership, you'll need to reach the required spend threshold:

  • Bronze to Silver: Spend HK$3,000 in 2 months
  • Silver to Gold: Spend HK$5,000 in 4 months
Are there any special birthday benefits?

Yes, Bronze and Gold members can receive an additional 5% discount on their birthday by providing proof of their birth date. This discount can only be used for in-store purchases.

What perks do Gold members receive?

In addition to the 10% annual discount, Gold members will also receive a special festive surprise from Bimbo Concept during the year.