About Us

Letter from Founder

Since 2009, Bimbo Concept has been my labor of love, born out of the challenges I faced as a parent searching for high-quality and stylish products for my own children. With a background in design and fashion, I decided to take matters into my own hands and create a solution that resonated with my vision of modern parenting.

Through the years, we have grown and evolved, introducing Bimbo Casa, our in-house brand that embodies our passion for the children's universe. Inspired by nature and beauty, Bimbo Casa offers a range of home decor products that reflect our commitment to quality and design. You can discover these products not only in our stores but also in our playroom at Pacific Place Apartments.

Our retail stores in Lee Garden and Prince's Building serve as beacons of creativity and inspiration, welcoming parents and children alike to explore our carefully curated selection of products. These spaces are more than just retail outlets; they are hubs of community and connection, where families come together to discover new possibilities and share in the joy of parenting.

For those who prefer to shop from the comfort of their homes, our online platform offers a seamless shopping experience. Browse through our curated selection of products and with just a click, you can bring the essence of Bimbo Concept into your own space and continue your journey of discovery and inspiration.

Step into our playroom at Pacific Place Apartments, a vibrant space where sustainability meets creativity. Here, children and parents can immerse themselves in a world of eco-friendly and sustainable toys that spark imagination and learning. Our playroom is not just a showcase of products; it's a place where families can engage in workshops, events, and hands-on activities that promote mindful play and exploration.

At Bimbo Concept, we are more than a retailer - we are a community-driven platform that offers enriching experiences for families. From crafting workshops to storytelling sessions, we provide a range of events that foster creativity, learning, and connection. Join us in our mission to inspire a new generation of conscious consumers and empower families to make sustainable choices for the future.