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The Importance of Music in Early Childhood Development

The Importance of Music in Early Childhood Development



Music helps children develop in many areas, including motion, brain-body coordination, literacy and even self-esteem. Engage your child’s musical talent through instruments and music playgroup programs. Music playgroups or workshops are the best way to help toddlers in the early childhood stage development.

Music helps expressions

Music, rhythm, sounds and singing allow your child to express themselves in a non-verbal way. When they listen to music, they start to move their bodies and they also start to explore the sounds around them. They can learn expressions and emotions without the need for words. Rhythms of music help the brain to become faster and more efficient at transmitting information.

Some music workshops, teachers are well trained to help toddlers (especially 6-36 months) to express body language using instrument play, songs, and dance to boost musical learning. They encourage children to body movement, body awareness, listening skills in steady beat follows, dynamics, and maximize potential brain development through strategic musical play.


Music helps social skills

When children engage fully in music class or playgroup, they are guided to participate in group listening to singing, co-creating and dancing, performing. Together in a group, singing & storytelling can help children to develop interaction with the group, sometimes the little one may feel shy but these will help to build up their confidence!


Music for kids

Most musical toys are specially designed for children to play with. Introduce your little one to the world of music and sounds with amazing wooden xylophone, ukulele and solid drum. Children can learn to identify musical instruments with colour, vocabulary and have a firm grasp of their own body language. They also become more self-confident as they learn that they can make music with their own hands!

Learning about music and playing musical instruments helps children to have a better understanding of the world around them. Music is a powerful tool for children’s growth, child development.




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