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Summer Little At K11 Musea

Summer Little At K11 Musea

Join Bimbo Concept and K11 Musea for a Summer Little Art Event and let your creative side shine!

At the height of this summer's heat, Bimbo Concept and K11 Musea have collaborated to bring you a spectacular event that will inspire imagination and delight young and old alike. Bimbo Concept Summer Little Art at K11 Musea is a place where children can explore their creativity and imagination. Get ready for a trip that will be full of fun and games and unforgettable experiences. Enter the entrancing realm of creativity and entertainment with me!

Explore Your Inner Artist: At the heart of Bimbo Concept Summer Little Art is the chance to let your imagination run wild. Journey into the magical realm of fan decoration, where you can make a one-of-a-kind paper fan out of a variety of decorative papers and fun stickers. Let your mind wander and your creativity flow freely.


At our Summer Carnival, we'll have tons of fun carnival games for you to try out. Play classic party games like the Bean Bag Toss or the ever-popular Balloon Giveaway with your little ones while challenging them to a friendly competition. Put your aim, speed, and dexterity to the test and try to hit the targets for some awesome prizes. The laughter and smiles that fill the roBiom will be remembered fondly for years to come.

We want everyone who comes out to the Summer Little Art event to feel like they got to take a little bit of the magic with them when they left. That's why we're thrilled to give each attendee a customized Goodies Bag. A fan to keep you cool this summer, a set of coloured pencils to inspire your inner artist, and your choice of a kaleidoscope or yo-yo for hours of fun await inside. This is our way of saying gratitude for sharing in our creative process with you. 


Become K11 member and follow Bimbo Concept social media to get a complimentary balloon, decorate your own summer fan and also do bean bag tossing game. Make a purchase with our event discount offer and post on social media will in addition get a complimentary gift and summer body tattoo at our store.

Come to K11 Musea between 2 and 6 p.m. on Saturdays from July 15 through August 12 and let your creative side out. Keep up with the latest event information and special discounts by following us on Instagram, Facebook, and WeChat. 

Join us this summer for Bimbo Concept Summer Little Art, where we'll be making art, having fun, and making memories that will last a lifetime.

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