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Mid-Autumn Festival Tradition

Mid-Autumn Festival Tradition


The Mid-Autumn Festival is widely celebrated in Chinese culture with a rich history and cultural significance. It serves as a family gathering where people come together and decorate homes with lanterns. During the lunar month of 15th of August, families and friends gather in gardens, parks and rooftops to set up tables and light lanterns. Family members sit together to enjoy moon-watching activities.


The Mid-Autumn Festival is often referred to as the "Mooncake Festival" because mooncakes are the most iconic and popular food associated with the celebration. Mooncakes are traditionally enjoyed during the festival and come in various flavors and designs. They are often beautifully packaged and given as gifts to friends, family, and business associates.



Here are some reasons why mooncakes are eaten during the Mid-Autumn Festival:

Symbolism : Mooncakes are round pastries filled with sweet fillings, such as lotus seed paste or red bean paste, and often contain a salted egg yolk in the center to represent the moon. The round shape symbolizes completeness and unity, reflecting the desire for family reunion and harmony during the festival.


Lunar Worship : The Mid-Autumn Festival is closely associated with lunar worship and gratitude for the harvest. In ancient times, people believed that offering mooncakes to the moon would bring bountiful harvests in the coming year. Eating mooncakes expresses gratitude for the abundance of the harvest season.


Festive Tradition : Families and friends gather together to enjoy mooncakes, tea, and fruits, fostering a sense of togetherness and unity. Children often wear traditional Chinese-style costumes or attire during the Mid-Autumn Festival, dressing up in traditional clothing to celebrate the holiday and create a festive atmosphere.

Chinese-style costumes for children have variety selection, such as Qipao, Cheongsam and Kung Fu shirts, often feature vibrant colors, modern designs, and elements that reflect Chinese culture and traditions.

Children's outfits can be matched with traditional hair accessories, like hairpins, or they can carry lanterns as part of the celebration too! This can be a fun and educational experience for children to learn about Chinese customs and immerse themselves in the festive spirit of the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!



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