Lunar New Year Fun Facts

About Lunar New Year fun facts no. 1. Do you know what are the lucky New Year's food traditions? First of all, probably is fortune cookies!

There are fun stories behind fortune cookies, many of which believe that "fortune" or “imprinted sign” comes from the cookies to lead their way and bring luck. 
A fortune cookie is a crisp and sugary cookie usually made from flour, sugar, vanilla, and oil with a piece of paper inside. The paper has a message - related to love, wealth, health & luck, and some may include a phrase of inspirations, some may contain a series of lucky numbers.

The fact that many lottery winners have picked the lucky numbers from fortune cookies and buy the lottery or jackpot. No matter if we win the lottery or jackpot or not, fortune and luck will come to us if we can see fortune cookies and pick one from the basket ! 


Lunar New Year is one of the happiest festivals in Asian countries for family reunion. We like to meet our family, grandfather-grandmother or other family members for dinner. Traditional Chinese dishes like Poon Choi for abundance, sticky rice balls for togetherness, Nin Gou for health & growth are commonly chosen for meal.

Children can get red pockets or called laisee (with cash notes in it) representing a blessing of growth in health and happiness from the elders to the child.  

Spring Clean before Lunar New Year

It is important that our house has to be cleansed on the 28th day (of the last month of the year) and red trimmings or banners should be placed on doorways and windows to scare away the Evil Monster Nian which is afraid of the colour red.

It is also considered that sweeping out all dust, dirty and changing of new bedding, rug or furniture can bring fortune and “good luck” to the house.

However, during the Chinese New Year period (maybe CNY the first to the third day) , sweeping the house should be avoided. Because, it is believed that the upcoming good luck will turn out to be otherwise would be swept out of the house!


How do we dress up in Lunar New Year ?  

Everything comes with red colour during Lunar New Year!

Red is considered as the most happiness & lucky energy. Traditionally, we prepare new clothes and dress with a red or lucky printed pattern, everyone dresses up the new clothes on the first few days of new year. This means that the year will come with wealth, luck, and happiness throughout the year.

Trendy costume outfits such as Cheongsams, Qipaos and Chinese embroidered bunny shoes are popular for kids' fashion to wear. And the collection of rabbit pieces are the prior choice because this is the Year of the Rabbit!




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