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How to Select the Perfect Wallpaper for a Nursery

How to Select the Perfect Wallpaper for a Nursery


There’s a new baby coming, and nothing could be more exciting. It is one of the biggest life events that happen to us. It’s also one of the most important to be prepared for. So, planning the nursery should be on the top of your list of priorities.

Planning a nursery is fun. However, sometimes it can get overwhelming trying to find the exact right theme or items that match a specific theme. Wallpaper is one element that’s highly important for a nursery because it covers a large area and can be a backdrop. So, we will discuss how you can select the perfect wallpaper for a nursery in this post.

Steps for Choosing the Right Wallpaper

You can run through some simple steps that will help you choose the right wallpaper for your nursery. They’ll help you narrow things down until you find what you’re looking for.

Step 1: Decide on the Style of the Room

First, you want to consider what the style of the room will be. For instance, are you planning on doing something more classic, something character related, or something fun and vibrant? Is the room going to be very theme-oriented, or are you just going with a general color scheme? The style will set the tone of what you’re looking for in the wallpaper.

Step 2: Consider How to Use the Wallpaper

Don’t put wallpaper on all four of the walls in the nursery. You might do just an accent wall with the paper. You could also do wallpaper down to a chair rail. How much of the walls will be covered will play a big role in what kind of wallpaper pattern you want to choose.

Step 3: Choose the Right Kind

Wallpaper doesn’t all come in the same kind. The different types are regarding the application process, and thus, will also affect how they have to be removed later. Here are the kinds you can choose:

  • Self-adhesive – This kind already has adhesive on the back. You’ll simply pull the backing away and stick it where you want it. It’s easy and hassle-free. You just want to make sure you’re careful about having it in place before sticking it down.
  • Pre-pasted – This is a lot like self-adhesive, but you have to activate the sticky substance with water. You’ll wet the back of the paper and then stick it to the wall. Removal is easy too; you can just peel it off.
  • Non-pasted – This is just paper with no means for sticking it to the wall already included. You must apply adhesive to the back and then stick the paper to the wall. Removal is usually difficult and requires a lot of time and some special tools.

Step 4: Choosing a Pattern

You can use a pattern to your advantage if there are blemishes and other trouble spots on the walls of your nursery. Choose one that repeats a lot to cover up those flaws.

Large walls need to be covered in something that isn’t overly busy. It can get to be too much if you choose a wallpaper with small repeating patterns to span over a large, wide-open wall.

Stripes can make a room look taller (vertical) or wider (horizontal). That means you can play around with striped patterns in rooms that might be a little smaller than you would like.

Good Places to Look

For some good options of wallpaper for your nursery, look at Bien Fait or Papermint. These two French wallpaper specialist brands have stylish designs that you’re sure to love.

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