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How to Choose Sunglasses for Your Kids

How to Choose Sunglasses for Your Kids


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Your child’s eyes are very important pieces for who they are and how they will get through life. So, it’s a good idea that you protect your kid’s eyes from harmful UV rays as best you can from an early age.

A pair of sunglasses is the perfect tool for giving your little one’s eyes the sheltering they need. Some questions come to mind, though, when we think about our children wearing sunglasses. When can they start? How do you choose the right pair? How do I get my kid to leave them on? Also, there are plenty more. We’ll answer these questions and hopefully give you a good place to start when you go to get your child a pair of sunglasses.

How the Sun Can Harm Children’s Eyes

Many adults have sensitive eyes. Moreover, kids’ eyes can be even more sensitive, making it imperative that their eyes are protected from harmful UV rays. We take precautions for shielding our children’s skin from the sun, but what about their eyes?

The sun’s UV rays can cause damage inside the eyes of children that will ultimately bring on things like cataracts, macular degeneration, and other various eye diseases. These can all affect their eyesight. Because their eyes haven’t even finished developing, they are even more susceptible to problems like these than adults are.

When Are Sunglasses Appropriate for Children

The earlier you can get them to wear sunglasses, the better. You can try them even in infants. The trouble with that is usually that it’s tough to get them to keep the glasses on, which defeats their purpose. Don’t fight them to wear them though. You don’t want to make it something they associate with being negative.

Realistically speaking, you can probably have your child wear sunglasses when they’re about three or just under that. By that point, they have more of an understanding of what you’re saying to them so you can work on getting your child to leave the glasses on.

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What to Look for In Sunglasses for Children

You want a pair of glasses that are durable so your child won’t break them right away. The lenses should be made from polycarbonate. This material is lighter than others, will be resistant to any impacts from kids dropping them or banging them around, and is naturally a shield from UV rays.

Look for bigger frames. More surface area means they’re blocking out more sunlight. These will also do better at protecting your child’s eyes from particles of things in the air.

You don’t want to get glasses that stick out from your kid’s face. Leaving too much space between the lenses and the eyes allows for UV rays to make it into their eyes. It defeats the purpose of having them.

Different frames can have different levels of flexibility. You want something going to be flexible because they’re less likely to break. You can also find hinges meant to bend out farther. Kids aren’t usually very good at being careful with delicate things like glasses, so try to find the most durable ones you can.

How to Get Kids to Wear Their Sunglasses

Getting your kids to wear their sunglasses can be tricky sometimes, especially if they’re young. It would help if you started with leading by example. When you go out, wear your sunglasses. Next, let your kids help to choose the glasses they like the best. They’re much more apt to wear something they like. You can find fun styles from IZIPIZI, formerly known as SEE CONCEPT or Sons and Daughters. Finally, try using an elastic band to hold the glasses in place.

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