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5 Tips for Lighting a Child’s Nursery

5 Tips for Lighting a Child’s Nursery

Decorating your child’s nursery will be fun and something you find a lot of enjoyment from. One aspect of it that’s often gets overlooked is the lighting. We get all wrapped up in the colors, the theme, and the decorations, but forget that the lighting is important too. Below are five tips to help you choose the right lighting to give your child’s nursery the perfect glow.

Choose Something that Speaks

Lighting need not be just for providing light. There are a lot of choices that look like inspired art. You can pick something that makes a statement in the nursery, something that speaks if you will.

The fixture can add to your theme if you tie it in. Alternatively, you can use it as an accent to the colors you chose for the room. It’s not a bad idea to even make the light fixture something that becomes the focal point of the room.

Go Soft for Your Baby

You want to use lighting that will create a soft, gentle glow in the child’s room. Harsh lights can stress infants out. You can purchase light bulbs that create softer light, or choose light fixtures that have shades or light diffusers to soften the light.

Don’t ever use fixtures that have exposed bulbs, even in the ceiling. When babies are lying in cribs or on the floor, those bulbs can cast some harsh light right down on your little one. Go with something that won’t be so hard on the eyes.

Layer the Lights

You need not feel you have to stick to one type of light. You could have a bright light installed in the room. Then have softer options. That way you can use the lower layer of light for when your child is spending time in the room, and the brighter layer will be there when you’re dealing with a dirty diaper situation.

You can also use a dimmer switch in the nursery. That way, the light can be softer when you want it to be, or turned up when it's necessary.

Think Safety

Think about how safe certain lighting options will be for your child. Floor lamps are not good choices for nurseries. These are enticing for children crawling around and want something to pull up on. They can easily fall over on a baby, possibly causing harm.

Light bulbs can get very hot sometimes. If you will be using a lamp that your child may touch, go with light bulbs that don’t get hot. There are options like LED or CFL bulbs that stay cooler. Hotter light bulbs should only be used in ceiling fixtures or something else that is out of reach.

Night Lights

It’s not a bad idea to get a night light for the nursery too. Not only could it help your child feel more comfortable, but it will make it easier for you to walk in there at night (which inevitably all parents have to do sometimes) because you’ll be able to see.

You can find night lights that go with the theme of the room, some that are creative, and some with sensors that allow the light to activate itself.

Light the Nursery Right

Yes, lighting can be practical, but you can have fun with it too. For some inspiration, look at Goodnight Light out of Barcelona, and Buokids created in Valencia. You can choose lights that are fun and artistic that contribute to the overall look and feel of the room.

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