Bimbo Living was created by real parents, which means we know all about the day to day needs of raising a baby. There are some items that are practical and necessary, especially when away from home, such as the changing mat. These high-quality changing mats offer a cute twist on a practical everyday item. The quilted patterns are as adorable as they are convenient, and they give you an ideal changing spot when you aren’t at home or don’t have access to your usual changing table. The soft and plush mat folds up easily and buttons to make it very simple to slide right into the diaper bag. Once folded, the mat itself has a little pocket, which is the perfect spot for holding a diaper to keep things neat and tidy. The coating on the outside of the fabric keeps dirt and liquids from sticking to it, and the thin foam padding on the inside of the changing mat makes it a very comfortable spot for your baby to lay. The outside fabric is made of 100% organic cotton, and the interior of the changing mat is made with 74% organic materials. Plus, these high-quality mats can be washed in your washing machine on the delicate cycle using a mild detergent. They should be laid flat or hung up to dry.

Cam Cam Copenhagen was started in 2012 by Sara Giese Camre and Robert Warren Paulsen. This couple set out to make a line of baby and kids’ items that are not only durable but are also made with organic materials. The clothing and bedding items are timeless in their beauty, and they are created using sustainable methods that you can feel good about. The top-quality materials don’t contain unnecessary chemicals or dangerous toxins, just materials that are soft and pure. The soothing pastels and soft grays of these changing mats are a lovely addition to your little one’s layette. Shop the Changing Mat section of Bimbo Living’s website for a range of adorable and high quality changing mats that are high-quality and ideal for your precious little one.