La Fiamma Grand Kitchen



Cook up a storm in our magnificent La Fiamma Kitchen!

A two-part super grand kitchen with all the accessories you need to hold a wonderful dinner party and entertain your friends for hours. This kitchen offers an oven with opening front door, a set of 4 cooker hobs and a removable unit with drawers and storage space. 

It's no secret that pretend play is an essential part of a child's development as children learn by imagining, observing and doing, and this kitchen offers an abundance of opportunity to practice language skills, manual dexterity, and cognitive development with children.

  • Product Size: 100 x 32.5 x 101 cm
  • Material: Sustainable rubberwood, top quality plywood painted in non toxic contemporary colours
  • Age: 3 years old+
  • Set includes:
    - Oven and grill with 4 clacking buttons
    - Detachable unit with drawers and shelves
    - Double door storage unit under the sink.
    - A pizza oven with 5 wooden logs
    - Pizza plate
    - 2 pizza bases, 2 felt toppings, Velcro toppings
    - Parmesan cheese with grater
    - 3 segmented lemons in a bowl
    - frying pan
    - 2 wooden utensils in a pot
    - 3 carrots in a planter
    - A traditional Italian coffee pot
    - 2 Cups
    - decorated plates
    - 3 magnetic knives
    - Salt and pepper shakers
    - Pot holder