Hush... Little Bear Is Sleeping: A Book with Sounds



Little fingers can easily press the sound chips to hear favourite nighttime animals, and learn their names in this interactive board book. 

Updated edition with new and easy-to-press sound chips!   From the hooting owl to the chirping cricket, the meowing cat to the barking dog, each of the busy animals are hushed, one by one, so that Baby Bear can fall asleep. Listen to noises each animal makes, brought to life by sound chips in this interactive board book that is perfect for calming young children ready for bed. Featuring beautiful illustrations, bold lines, whimsical animals, and repeating patterns, this is the perfect bedtime reading for very young children. Durable and tactile, this fun and engaging sound book is ideal for the nursery, the play centre, the changing area - wherever you and your child are! Parents can even switch the sounds off if they wish.

  • Size: 18cm x 18cm
  • Age: 2-4 years old
  • Pages: 8