Baby Oil 120ml



Specially crafted with only the purest and safest organic oils for baby, erbaviva organic baby oil is an emollient moisturizer and nourishing supplement for delicate and sensitive skin. perfect for hydrating baby after bath or an anytime massage as part of a daily regimen of care – a proven healing and enriching bonding time for parent and baby.

For massage: pour a moderate amount of baby oil into the palm of the hands, and massage onto baby’s skin. touch, through massage is an important nurturing and bonding routine between parent and baby.

Key ingredients: 
1. Organic Jojoba Oil: Nourish skin and protect against free radicals, contains anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Texture is similar to natural body oil creating healthy moisture balance.
2. Organic Chamomile Essential Oil: Soothing to the body and the mind. 
3. Organic Rosemary Co2 Extract: Used as a natural antioxidant and freshness without the use of harmful preservatives.

  • Size: 120ml | 4oz
  • Made in US