Baby mattress COMFORT+7, 60x120



Choose an original Leander® mattress for the best comfort. The leander® comfort+7 mattress has an excellent sleep comfort thanks to the mattress core of pressure-relieving cold foam. The Comfort+7 is a comfortable, 2-sided, twist mattress adjusted to baby and toddler. The cover is with integrated wetness protection.
Recommended use of the mattress age 0-7 years
An original Leander® Comfort+7 mattress, ensures optimum comfort and ventilation, and thus a good night’s sleep for your child
Different baby- and toddler side for optimal adaption to the weight of the child
Convoluted foam on the baby side and wave contour for horizontal ventilation on the toddler side especially adapted for the slatted frame of the Leander® baby cot
Enhanced air circulation thanks to vertical air channels
Sleep safety mattress cover with integrated wetness protection (TENCEL®), refined with lavender and melissa oil for anti-bacterial effect
Suitable for children with allergies
Material: 62% polyester / 38% lyocell (TENCEL®) quilted with washable fleece. Cotton Oeko-Tex 100 Class 1
The cover is divisible, washable and suitable for gentle dryers
Compressed mattresses regain their original shape after one or two days. The mattress may therefore seem too short to begin with
Polyurethane-foam has a distinctive odour which may linger a few days after unpacking. The odour will disappear. Airing and vacuuming the mattress will help to eliminate the odour
The foam reacts to the ultraviolet light from the sun and the oxygen from the air and will turn yellow with time
Pressure-relieving soft foam / SleepSafety cover
L: 120 cm, W: 60 cm