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BIMBO CONCEPTING is not just a lifestyle, it is a journey.



The letter B is a symbol of the mother-to-be, and the word bimbo means children in Italian. As a mother of two small children, I realize that time and quality are both important. The name suits us so perfectly because we love nothing more than a large family full of love and caring gathered under one roof. Our journey at BIMBO CONCEPT has brought us customers we care about as if they are members of our own family, and we love to share our beautiful curations with them.




BIMBO CONCEPT offers refined high-quality products.




Our brand is focused on modern home life with a family and children. We only have so much time in the day to handle daily tasks at work and in our personal lives. Even fitting in grocery shopping can be hard at times! For years I was in the fashion business, travelling to Paris and New York for fashion week. I traveled a lot and one thing I noticed in New York were the cute shops with children products that I couldn’t find in my own city of Hong Kong. This is where the idea of Bimbo Concept was born!




The products are of the highest quality and meant to withstand the rough and tumble toddler life, and yet, they are refined with a minimal Scandinavian aesthetic that uplifts the household decor from being simply functional.




BIMBO CONCEPT offers products for all stages of life: infants, toddlers, teens, and parents!


We choose our products for their organic nature. When it comes to products for your baby, we have no room for compromise.  Each item is carefully selected to ensure it meets the BIMBO CONCEPT standard of style, quality and sustainability, and we are always searching for and adding products to our BIMBO CONCEPT family. When shopping for items to fill your home, BIMBO CONCEPT should be your first stop, whether you need something for yourself, the children, or someone you care about and love.


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Take a journey with BIMBO CONCEPT! These are refined pieces for the family home with a Scandinavian flair.