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This wallpaper is sold in packs of 3 strip(s) matching patterns : 
180cm W x 280 cm H (60cm W x 280 cm H per strip) 
70.8" W x 110.2" H (3 strips of 23.6 x 110.2 inches)

*This pattern connects to in infinity.

    Design: Fun and chaotic, the blocks seem to be floating and swirling around freely. This design is available in 4 colors, on a light or dark background. It draws inspiration from the precision and imagination required for construction toys, and above all the Memphis group and Ettore Sottsass's famous bookshelf.

    Color: Black / Denim / Ivory / Black and white

    Care & Maintenance: Special blends of natural materials makes this Wallpaper washable. Gently wash with mild soap and a cloth is adviced. 

    Remark: The wall paper is certified FSC, and PVC free. It is being printed with water based safe inks, totally odor free. No plastic material for wrapping.


    Hanging Instructions

    Hanging instructions

    Please read carefully:

    1- Have a look on how the paper drops will be placed on your walls and please check they are matching to each other before pasting. If you see any default, please contact Each paper drop is numbered from left to right.

    2- Cut the excess paper once the paste is fully dry!

    3- You need a paste specific for non-woven wallpaper, please follow the manufacturer instructions.

    You will need:

    Paste for non-woven wallpapers

    A sharp cutter (new blade ideally)

    Paper hanging brush or clean and dry cloth

    Sponge & water

    Pasting brush or roll

    Spirit level or plumb line

    Scraper or upholsterer squeegee

    1 – Preparation:

    Your wall must be smooth and covered with a white etch primer.

    If you had wallpaper on the wall, remove-it and sand the surface if necessary, then wash. Once dry, paint with a white etch primer.

    If you wall was painted, sand and wash it, then paint with a white etch primer.

    Remove switches and wall lights before hanging.

    2 – Visual guide

    Draw a vertical line as a visual guide from the left side of your wall, figuring out the width of your strip. Use your level to make sure it’s straight.

    This will ensure you hang strips vertically – ceilings and corners are rarely straight !

    Do this for each strip.

    3 – Paste the wall

    Apply paste generously directly on the wall surface where the 1st strip will be hung, using a pasting brush or roll. For a perfect finishing, apply paste further your visual guide, so the strip is really well pasted to its end.

    4 – Hang the strip

    Unroll the strip from the top to the bottom. If you are not sure the ceiling is perfectly horizontal, keep 2-3 cm of printed paper at the top.

    5 – Smooth

    Press wall covering onto the wall using a foam rubber roller to remove air bubbles and excess paste, from the center of the strip to the sides.

    If paste goes onto your strip, no problem, you can clean it with a (clean!) sponge and some water. The paste being waterbased, it is easy to clean.

    6 – Match

    Repeat the same operation with the next strips, paying attention to matching patterns.

    Our paper does not shrink when drying : therefore you only need to paste the next strip side–by-side with the previous. As long as the paste is not dry, you can remove, slide and replace the drops.

    For a perfect finishing, use a scraper to flatten the connection.

    7 – Cut

    Once the surface is full try, cut the excess paper at the top, bottom, left and right. Use a very sharp (new) cutter.

    8 – Your decor is ready !

    You now only have to send us a nice picture of your well-done job, we are always glad to see the result !