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Surprise Cone Party Polly



Surprise bags take us back several decades: you used to find them in bakeries in France and at service stations on the road to summer holidays. Excitement, wonder we remember it like it was yesterday. The nailmaTeam is hanging on to its childlike spirit with surprise bags for every occasion, from back to school, to birthdays, sleepovers, picnics, holidays or just the simple pleasure of giving a gift!

  • Size: 11cm D x 27cm H (Cone)

Each surprise bag contains:

  • A water-based nailmatic Kids nail polish: will it be Polly (Clear pink glitter) or Sheepy (clear raspberry with glitter) ? Surprise!12 colored pencils
  • 1 set of nailmatic tattoos (dermatologically tested)
  • 1 balloon made from biodegradable natural latex
  • An artisanal lollipop from Maison Barnier (one of the following flavours: cola, strawberry, cherry or apple)