The poster is The print 30x40cm & 40x50 cm are presented under passes-partout. The dimensions include the print and the passes-partout.


“When I was little, fooling around was my only distraction”. Sempé was born on 17 August 1932 at Bordeaux. A somewhat bad student, he was expelled for indiscipline from the Collège moderne de Bordeaux and started working, taking on a variety of jobs: Jack-of-all-trades with a wine broker, monitor at a school holiday camp, office boy, etc. At 18, he decided to go to Paris. He did the rounds of the editorial rooms and, in 1951, sold his first drawing to the newspaper “Sud-Ouest”. His meeting with Goscinny coincided with the launch of a dazzling career as newspaper cartoonist. His first collection of drawings appeared in 1962 : “Rien n’est simple” (Nothing is simple). This was followed by about thirty more, all humurous masterpieces beautifully reflecting his tender and ironic vision of our flaws and those of the world around us. Sempé is one of the rare cartoonists to have illustrated the covers of the very prestigious “New Yorker”, and is currently entertaining millions of readers in “Paris Match”.