Just Peachy

Reusable Mesh Diaper Pail Liners 2-Pack



Just Peachy mesh diaper pail liners have an elasticated opening, so you can fit it over a variety of pails or bins. Each pack comes with 2 mesh bags, so you have one for dirty diaper storage while the other is in the wash. 

Unlike most other diaper pail liners, you can toss the entire bag full of cloth diapers into the washing machine and they will agitate out while washing. Any diaper parts still trapped in the bag will still come out clean and fresh - how's that for convenience! You'll never need to re-handle dirty diapers again!

It might seem more intuitive to seal your diaper pails up tight, but cloth diapers don't stink the same way disposables do. Airflow and oxygen help keep bacteria at bay and storing dirty diapers in a cool, aerated environment helps keep the stink away.

  • Includes 2 mesh diaper storage laundry bags
  • Size:  45cm x 55cm
  • Material: 100% polyester