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Organic wet tissue Small size 20 sheets (20packs)



  • Ingredient: Cumin Formula Coredum and natural ingredients only
  • Ultrapure system: water is filtered 7 times in purified water system
  • Interfolded wipes: folded in W shape allowing easy pull out
  • Natural felt rayon fabric: 75g rayon is used to achieve a heavyweight durable tissue (usual tissues are 40-60g max) and rayon is selected as it leaves no residue on skin
  • Embossing: to ensure maximum contact surface for skin
  • Tissue is sterilized at 100c before soaked into purified water
  • 3 tiered tests for all water and finished product to ensure zero contamination of germs and bacteria
  • No ionic preservatives: only natural preservatives citric acid, sodium benzoate and polysorbate used. Suggest to be used within 1 month after opening
  • Made in Korea