make your own space mission vehicles make your own space mission vehicles



Make Your Own space mission vehicles with your child. Inspire them with science and the spaceship! Four 3D space mission puzzles to complete:
Space shuttle: 16 pieces. Measures 32cm (length) x 22cm (width/wingspan) x 15cm (height)
Apollo 11 lunar module: 16 pieces. Measures: 18cm (length) x 18cm (width) x 14cm (height)
Curiosity rover: 18 pieces. Measures: 18.5cm (length) x 8.5 cm (width) x 11cm (height)
Saturn V: 28 pieces. Rocket measures: 37cm (height) x 7cm (width at base) & station measures 10cm (length) x 10cm (width) x 25cm (height)
Instructions included
No glue or scissors required
Age 5+
Material: Card, Foam