Bimbo Concept Children's Residency

Little Scientist + Playroom


Spark your child's inner scientist! 🧪🔬

In our 1-hour Little Science class, young researchers dive into captivating STEM experiences - from concocting slimes to unveiling color and physics secrets. Through engaging experiments, they'll learn scientific principles and cultivate curiosity.

Then, 1 hour of Playroom exploration awaits! 🤩 Our vibrant space is filled with stimulating activities to spark imagination and support development. This enriching experience combines learning and play, fostering a lifelong love for science.
Reserve your spot today for this scientific adventure! 🎉

Summer Playroom

Enjoy in the vibrant summer activities of our playroom - cooking classes, science experiments, art projects, musical classes, sensory play, movie time and many more!


Can parents participate in the class?

2 parents can accompany one child at the playroom, but only 1 parent can actively participate in the class while the other observes from the side.

How many kids join the class?

The maximum capacity for each class is 10 kids. This ensures a personalised and engaging experience for all participants.

What should we bring for the class?

Children must wear socks in the playroom. In case you forget, you can purchase a pair at the playroom.

Is there parking available near the Children's Residency?

The parking is available at Pacific Place mall, conveniently located near the Pacific Place Apartments.

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