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Diaper Cream 75g



Erbaviva diaper cream is made from an all-natural cream base formulated with soothing aloe and super-curative echinacea, long used as an effective topical wound healer and aid to reduce redness, inflammation and pain. Organic essential oils of lavender and chamomile create a light and pleasant scent.

Apply generously to the affected area either when diaper rash has appeared. may also be used daily as a preventative measure.

Key ingredients: 
1. Organic Shea Butter: Organic Aloe Juice: Moisturizes and hydrates the skin. Reduces the appearance of damaged skin.
2. Organic Lavender & Chamomile Essential Oil: Blended to create a soothing, calm atmosphere. both oils nourish the skin with anti -inflammatory and antiseptic properties.

  • 72% organic ingredients
  • Size: 75g | 2.5oz
  • Made in US