Doodling Around with Soledad Bravi

Soledad Bravi has become known worldwide for her funny illustrations featured in ELLE magazine, as well as on packages of Pierre Herme macarons, and more. She’s even currently in talks with Mr. Herme to release a book of recipes that combine his culinary expertise with her picture humor.

In this post we’re looking at a glimpse of the life of Soledad Bravi, and why we all love her work so much.

Where It All Started

It all started for Soledad when she was in advertising. She worked as artistic director for an agency. Rather than stick to that career path, she decided one day to become an illustrator and author of children’s books instead. Some of the books she’s illustrated are:

  • The Noisy Book
  • Mommy, Pick Me Up
  • Spoonful

She illustrates for other kinds of work too. She draws for both children’s and adults’ entertainment purposes.

Why Illustrating?

Soledad has always loved to draw. She says that it’s about putting what she sees in her mind at that moment onto paper, just as you would if you took a picture with a camera. She can sketch something out quickly, which is something she likes about drawing.

The artist takes her sketchbook wherever she goes. She likes having it with her and knowing what to do what she loves; she needs nothing more than that sketchbook, a pen or pencil, and herself. She can then translate her humor onto paper so others can smile and laugh with her.

Her Favorite Doodles

The French illustrator has a few different projects on which she works. She says her favorite kinds of drawings are usually ones for children. It’s fun for her to create something that speaks to the different age groups, and it allows her to be very creative.

While she loves drawing for children, she does enjoy the challenge presented by drawing for ELLE every week. It is a job that requires more of a planning aspect. It also allows her to keep up with the fashion trends and make sure her doodles are relevant.

Soledad’s Process

When she sits down to draw, she first comes up with an idea. The idea is just a premise, no drawing involved. Then she gets out her Moleskine notebook and a black pen to put the idea into an illustration. Once she’s happy with the drawing, she scans it and finishes it with color through Photoshop.

Soledad and Pierre Herme

Those of us who love Pierre Herme macarons have all likely wondered how Soledad’s illustrations ended up paired with Herme’s delicious treats. You may even have your little collection of Soledad illustrated macaron boxes set aside. Well, here’s how these two experts in their fields came about working together.

Soledad created illustrations to go with a chocolate cake recipe by Pierre Herme. She then wanted to use her drawing in another book. She asked him for permission; he said yes, then asked to use it for a greeting card. After that agreement, Herme asked her to work with him on making drawings for his macaron packaging. It spawned a beautiful working relationship between the pair.

Soledad’s Next Steps

She has several projects going right now that will be coming out soon. There’s a new book she’s working on titled How Do We Make Babies? She’s also drawing for a book for Clarins, working on some stuff for a fitness coach, and doing projects through Instagram.

If you’re a fan of Soledad Bravi and you’d like to own one of her doodles, you can find some for purchase through Image Republic.

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